- I'm longing to send you a letter from the depths of my soul. I'd like to whisper my message with paint, to create that feeling of being half-awake, but still caught in the realm of dreams. I don't want to over-tell the story by spelling out every detail, so I choose symbolism and to paint in metaphores.

This way, I lay bare my vulnerabilities to you without overwhelming you with my own narrative. It's a means of self-preservation, yes, but it's also an invitation for your story to intertwine with mine. That's why I prefer to leave the ending open, allowing you, the observer, to complete the tale I've begun.

“What inspires me are the traits we inherit as individuals: Our dreams, skills, heritage and personal traumas. These fleeting, imperfect, yet brilliant aspects of human existence encapsulate both its beauty and many challenges.”
- Mona -

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