Emmeselle: Scandinavian heritage – made into a brand

In 2012, Mona established Emmeselle, a small Norwegian company that created commercial art based on her own hand-made watercolor illustrations. These artworks play with nordic history and pop culture, capturing the essence of well-known objects. 

Emmeselle’s diverse product range includes art cards, prints, and various gift items, which have gained widespread popularity and are now prominently displayed in numerous retail establishments across Norway through the distribution of Picturagruppen Norge.

Furthermore, Mona / Emmeselle has collaborated with The National Museum of Norway (Nasjonalmuseet). This partnership entails the creation of a distinct collection of products, wherein Mona’s illustrations are inspired by the museum’s own remarkable collection; 

A modern homage to the Norwegian heritage, offering an exclusive range of merchandise that embodies the cultural significance of the museum’s exhibits.