Painting session / Workshop 26.03


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Painting session / Workshop 
(Language: Norwegian/English)

Date: 26th of march 2024 (Tuesday)
Time: 18:00-21:00

Atelier Mona Stenseth,
Storgata 148, Porsgrunn

🌟 Step into my world:

In my bubble of creativity and self-discovery, I’ll guide you to search for a pure expression of your artistic soul. At my inviting studio, centrally located in the heart of Porsgrunn, Norway, you’re invited to connect with your innermost self and your imagination to craft a piece that mirrors your current state of mind.

🎨 Welcome to My Atelier:

Enter a safe space where there’s no need to perform or prove anything to anyone. This experience caters to both absolute beginners and experienced artists, each on their own unique journey. Together, we paint, explore, and discover the beauty of intuitive expression.

🌈 Studio Ambiance:

Savor the cozy and inspiring atmosphere of my studio, where creativity flows as freely as the paint on your canvas. Enjoy a selection of tea, coffee, or a glass of bubbles to accompany your artistic journey. Sip, chat, and let the creative energy flow!

🫀Intuitive Exploration:

Immerse yourself in sessions centered around intuitive painting—where there are no rules, only the freedom to let your emotions guide your brush strokes and colors. I’m here to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Three-Hour Immersion:

Engage in a productive three-hour session, allowing time for self-reflection and the development of your artistic narrative. If you crave variety, explore additional activities in the atelier, such as virtual reality-painting in 3D!

👫 Socialize and Create:

Perfect for friends seeking a deeper connection, our sessions foster shared creativity and meaningful conversations. Share this experience and deepen connections through art. My studio welcomes groups, offering a delightful opportunity to celebrate creativity together.

🖼️ Take Home Your Creation:

The beauty of intuitive painting lies not just in the process but in the result. You’ll bring home a piece of artwork that will reflect your inner self—a keepsake capturing this moment of artistic exploration.

🗓️ Reserve Your Spot:

Secure your place for a transformative painting session. Check my schedule for available dates and times, or reach out for a private group session. Spaces are limited – ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.

📞 Contact Me:

For inquiries or to book your session, get in touch! I’m excited to guide you through a personal journey of self-discovery and creativity. 

Discover the art within you – Join me for an intuitive painting session soon!


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Warm regards / Varme hilsener,
Mona Stenseth